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In an all-night prayer, Apostle Lynn'Da Threat was a formidable force as she led us in powerfully productive and producing prayer. I really appreciated her method of alternating teaching and praying. It gave me an opportunity to learn, and then a chance for my head and my heart to catch up with my spirit.


We were brought into the new year with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Already in these first months, my pastors' lives have been transformed and changed through new appointments, increasing responsibilities, and fulfilled prophetic words that the Lord gave Apostle Threat to speak to them. Incredible!

Tawana H. Lansing, MI


As a pastor, I find it increasingly difficult to navigate the stresses of shepherding the constantly changing needs of my flock, while managing the fight from the adversary in my region and territory. It comes from all sides sometimes. With decades of experience in her office, Apostle Threat brings such weight and substance to the challenges facing the pastoral call. She is unique in that you really sense she is getting into your fight, and fighting along side of you until you can get a win, and the confidence that is so necessary to continue! Thank you Apostle, because I know that we are going to make it!

Pastor Tim, Chicago, IL

As a part of a consortium of city-wide pastors and leaders, it was incredible to take part in the seminar my leader created to host Apostle Lynn'Da Threat. Each session was carte blanche access to her wisdom, her ready instruction, her no-holds-barred willingness to answer questions and give insights. I learned more about being a leader in three days, than I have in 30 years! So many questions I had about my call, what was working, and more importantly, what was not working. I see more clearly now the root of so many difficulties and challenges, which means now that I hold this key, I can fight and win with victory and frequency! Thank you Apostle Threat!

Pastor Gary, Western New York





It means so much that God would put me on Apostle Threat's heart to pray for me. During one of the nights when Apostle was in Detroit, I received prayer for something that happened a really, really long time ago, but that still has its claws in me. I could never get rid of it, it always seemed to be there. Apostle Threat prayed for me, she bound the spirits that had been tormenting me, and prophetically decreed VICTORY over my life! I will never be the same!

Karessa R. Detroit, MI




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