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9/4; 9/5; and 9/7

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What a tremendous inaugural week we shared. 6am in South Bend on Wednesday was an outstanding review of the contradiction between carnal interpretation and the necessity of having a revelation understanding of spirit life and the spirit realm.


Thursday in Chicago was an environment readied and prepared to step into and immediately begin ministering the increase and maturity of our faith! God is supplying everything we need to fulfill what He called us to do. And in the process of this supplying, we are being stretched and challenged into greater acts of faith that activates God on our behalf.


Holland's genesis of our first Saturday in September started with 'The Forward' Equipping and the declaration that God desires to elevate our faith to the, 'Nothing shall be impossible,' realm! As the equipping closed, we stepped into the evening's nucleus and comprehensive study on the spirit of resistance. There was a fluid discovery of how resistance has attempted to disguise itself and to thwart us taking aim at our corporate and individual purpose. What a remarkable opportunity to ask questions and to see the influence of resistance on so much of what we have done, yet not fully discerning where the hindrances were coming from, and what they were really after. The impartation of Saturday's session left us all with an elevated faculty of discernment, and the ability to judge the events of our lives and ministries from a new vista and vantage.


Join us this coming week as we step back into NGCM in South Bend for 6am prayer and 7pm service on September 11; 5am prayer in Kalamazoo and 7pm CT service in Chicago Thursday, September 12; and our second Saturday in September at the ZDC Holland Campus on Saturday, September 14. This week we will be focusing on your next layer and next level promotion and assignment, and the impartations you will need to inhabit these places with joy, fulfillment, and expectation! Join us!


9/11; 9/12; and 9/14

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Wednesday morning at 6am prayer in South Bend sparked an analysis of how we address situations and circumstances in prayer. The ensuing discussion led to an incredible teaching Wednesday evening back in South Bend titled, "Praying the root [cause], not fruit [symptom].©" This was a revealing evening exposing our reliance on praying what we see, but not what is fueling destructive patterns and behaviors. This also highlights an ongoing theme of this year's Services in September which is the spiritual discipline we are learning to look deeply and diligently into a matter to ascertain what the Holy Spirit is trying to expose and reveal to us.

Thursdays in September are extremely eventful. 5am prayer in Kalamazoo is always electric. Stepping into the sound, the prayer, the worship, and the song is a sensory experience that builds and strengthens the recreated spirit. Throughout the entire day, the Lord defined the spirit of faith, and what patterns and dispositions in our lives are certain faith destroyers. God is moving us into an advancing, maturing faith, and the transition and transformation is exhilarating!

With our new start time Saturday in Holland at 7pm, we brought everyone into a regional understanding of everything the Lord had done that week! The apostolic review was thoroughly enjoyed by our traveling guests who were not with us for the earlier weekdays, and provided additional revelation to what we had already experienced.

And then, as promised, we initiated an evening of impartation that proceeded to lapse any prior definitions and interpretations we once held about what an impartation is, and what exists in our lives that prevent their absorption and employment. The teaching was strong and revealing, and without indication took an extreme turn into a dynamic, anointed, and exultant season of travail, praying in the Spirit, worship, and spontaneous praise! The testimonies both on Saturday, and Sunday's follow-up service, revealed just how many experienced a breaking and a breakthrough into the impartation they had received the night before. Chains were shattered, and the freedom and liberty of the Spirit was reignited in us all!

Join us this coming week in South Bend for 6am prayer and 7pm service on September 18; 5am prayer in Kalamazoo and 7pm CT service in Chicago Thursday, September 19; and our third Saturday in September at the ZDC Holland Campus on Saturday, September 21. AND NEVER MISS the weekly Parenthesis conference call every Friday morning at 6am EST. If you aren't receiving reminders, make sure to call or email us your cell phone number so you may receive the weekly eblasts! See you this week as our Services in September continue!


9/18; 9/19; and 9/21

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Often as we travel, the Lord speaks very specifically to a ministry and a region. For that reason, we'll be more general concerning where the revelations were received this week, and give you a broader understanding of what the Lord imparted.

For many of us in life and in ministry, we are in a harsh season of transition. Harsh mainly because so many of us have procrastinated and delayed the ongoing obediences the Lord has been exhorting and encouraging us in for some time now. In our delay, we have placed some strain on the supply that was designated to accompany us during this season, a supply our immediate obediences would have fueled and nurtured.

One profound revelatory reminder this week was focused toward those who have been faithful in their pursuit and are in a season of receiving what they have prayed for. In a profoundly apostolic and prophetic gesture, the Lord identified a blessing that had been received and since receiving it, it had been taken over by a fear and foreboding to maintain it! There was instruction and prayer that pushed the receivers into the understanding that with every expansion, we must expand to sustain the expansion! We don't just receive and immediately settle and regress back into areas of poverty and survival mechanisms. Supernatural faith is fed by further supernatural acts! And new places are propagated by new points of contact and new acts of faith!

Upon returning to Holland this week we were met with the Lord's defining, and whereby halting, the true intention of the adversary. What he is after and what this battle is really about. It gave such elevation to our experience in the fight, and we were then escorted into a strong teaching on God's response to the adversary's intention: The Answer! Incredible!

Our final week of 'Services in September' has all the usual service cities and times, with one AWESOME edition! To culminate the entire month of consistent and prolific services, we will gather for a plenary session [all churches, all regions] in South Bend Sunday morning, September 29, starting with a Faith College at 10:00 am, followed by morning service and a delicious lunch! If you wish to join us, please email your RSVP to: A lunch invitation CANNOT be extended if you have not RSVP'd. Thank you so very much.

Sunday's Service: 29 September 2019

New Generation Christian Ministries

Hosts: Apostle Calvin and Pastor Sharon Macon

431 S. Summit Drive

South Bend, Indiana

Start time: 10:00 am sharp

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